Amateur Radio Store

Amateur Radio Store
102 East Main Street
Building E
Greenwood, MO 64034

Sales 1.888.482.3249 & PRESS "1" 8AM to 5PM Central OR Contact us 24 hours a day for Technical Support by emailing or filling out our online form.

Also, here are the answers to frequently asked questions.

1) Has my order shipped yet? Answer: You will receive a tracking number in email the day we finish building your system. The carrier will then pickup your order within 12 hours from when you receive the shipping notification.

2) The price I paid for the antenna has just decreased since I made my recent purchase. Can I get a discount on the price change? Answer: Yes, we will issue you a store credit to be used on future purchases as long as no more than 5 business days has transpired from when you made your purchase and the price changed.

3) How long does it normally take for my order to ship? Answer: We do all we can to ensure that every order we receive is built and the label printed within 10 working days.
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