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6-80 Meter Alpha Vertical


  • Model: Whip+Mount+Mast+Tripod+Match+Bag
  • Manufactured by: Alpha Antenna

PORTABLE Alpha Portable Antenna for 6-80 Meters.

All Alpha Antennas are handmade & built to order. We appreciate your pride & patience in your antenna system as it is prepared.

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The 6-80 Meter Alpha Vertical is a balanced antenna that is weatherproof. This system comes with a Field Bag, Tripod, Mast, Mil-Stick whip, Tripod Adapter, and solid state Alpha Match. Press one button on your auto-tuner and you'll immediately have a 1.1:1 SWR on 6-80 meters.

Alternatively, you may deploy the Alpha Vertical with 20 feet of coax that is outstretched, and in this scenario the Alpha Vertical typically delivers resonant SWRs that are less than 2.5:1 on 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, & 40 meters. Just remember to ground you rig and antenna tuner for many reasons!

However you decide to deploy your Alpha Vertical system, a broad band tuner can easily achieve a perfect SWR match of 1.1:1 on all bands. You may optionally choose to enhance the performance of all bands, while also lowering the SWR on on 6 and 80 meters to less than 2.5:1, by adding the "Optional Counterpoise Kit". The Counterpoise Kit also serves to guy the antenna system for increased stabilization in light to moderate winds.

The optional "Counterpoise Kit" available by clicking HERE will enhance performance of the antenna by providing an enhanced ground plain, which in most basic terms will put more of your radiated signal into the air by reflecting your signal skywards rather than allowing it to permiate the ground around the antenna. Additionally, adding the "Counterpoise Kit" enhances 40 & 80 meters, because the lower bands tend to lend their performance to the NVIS properties of an antenna system. By adding horizontal Counterpoise elements that are close to the ground, NVIS performance for 40 and 80 meters is enhanced.

An optional "NVIS Kit" is also available available by clicking HERE, which will enhance performance on all HF frequencies and enables increased NVIS on the bands that very much depend on horizontally positioned active elements (40 & 80 meters).

Included with your Alpha Vertical is the durable MilStick whip. Also included is a tripod that stands approximately 6'6" high. This tripod is designed to be your counterpoise system, to which you can add the optional "Counterpoise Kit" and or the "NVIS Kit" for even greater performance. The tripod includes a Mast Adapter where the Alpha Match will mount. Your coax attaches to a UHF SO239 connector on the Alpha Match.

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The differences between the Alpha EzMilitary and the Alpha Vertical antennas are:
EzMilitary comes with a MilStick whip that breaks down into 12 separate 13 inch sections that shock cord together.
Vertical comes with a MilStick whip that breaks down into 6 separate 26 inch sections that shock cord together.

EzMilitary has an Alpha Match that is 3 times smaller than that of the Vertical. Although the components in each are identical, the Vertical has more room inside the match to allow separation between the components.

EzMilitary comes in a 16 inch bag.
Vertical comes in a 26 inch bag.

EzMilitary comes with a Jaw Mount.
Vertical comes with a Tripod and Mast Adapter.

EzMilitary comes with one Counterpoise wire.
The Vertical uses the Tripod as a Counterpoise.


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