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6-160 Meter HF J-Pole Sr 750W - 34 feet long

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BASE & PORTABLE 6-160 Meter 34 foot "Alpha J-Pole Sr Antenna" (750 watts)

All Alpha Antennas are handmade & built to order. We appreciate your pride & patience in your antenna system as it is prepared.

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Rig Expert SWR Analysis of the end-fed Alpha J-Pole Sr 
Please note that many operators are reporting lower SWRs than we have presented. This is because they are mounting the antenna higher than the 6 1/2 foot high feed point that we used for our tests.

The 34 foot long Alpha J-Pole Sr Antenna can handle 750 watts PEP and is designed for 6-160 Meters. No tuner is typically needed on 15 or 20 meters, however if a tuner is necessary, the unique design characteristics of the 6-160 Meter HF JPole antenna enables it to present a SWR on these and all other HF bands that is low enough for your antenna tuner to achieve a perfect match.

If you would like for us to Customize your antenna with either a BNC or N Connector, rather than the stock SO239 connector, then please select the appropriate Connector conversion option at the bottom of this page.

A combination of antenna designs, namely the J‐Pole and Zepp along with Alpha Antenna's matching network technologies, are utilized to achieve a fairly resonant antenna design that can be tuned on 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 40, 60, 80, & 160 Meters. Designed and rigorously tested to be fully capable of handling 750 watts PEP. Relatively low SWRs are achieved as the Alpha J-Pole Sr Antenna utilizes the solid state matching network of a uniquely designed Alpha Match that is specifically made for the J-Pole Sr antenna.

Use as a vertical by placing the Alpha Match at the mast's base and running the J-Pole's wires up the Fiberglass Push-Up mast CLICK HERE:
Max-Gain 32 Foot Mast 
Jackite 31 Foot Mast 

User Guide
Alpha 6-160 Meter Sr Antenna User Guide 

How it all works together - We calculate the J‐Pole wire lengths, spacing of the wiring in their respective sheaths, size & number of the strands of the wire used from a combination of J-Pole and Zepp antenna formulas. From the Zepp is the feeder type design, and although significant, is by no means the only factor in matching the antenna. The Alpha Match allows for the antenna to be fed with 50 ohm coax at the antenna. This makes for an important design characteristic when feeding a tuner, as it keeps the RF voltages low at the base feed point. Your tuner then performs the final matching for resonance.

We do all we can to ensure that every order we receive is built and the label printed within 10 working days. You will receive a tracking number in email the day we finish building your system.
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